Ambulance Services

In emergency situations, every second counts – whether it concerns an accident, a major health issue or ailment, the first few minutes are critical in saving a life. At this crucial point, emergency phone numbers in India are of utmost importance. We, at Genesis Services understand that much can be done to save lives in the spur of the moment and endeavor to deliver prompt services with just one call to an emergency contact number in India

Ground Ambulance

Genesis ambulance service consists of air conditioned small sized and full-sized van. In our ground ambulance we keep all the facilities.

Medical Escort

We have a unique facility called ‘Medical Escort’. This facility is for those persons who are a bit stable but unable to take long journey.

Road Ambulance Services

Our armada of road ambulance services India consist of scaled down vans and full-size vans that serve any therapeutic crisis in the ideal way.